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About Us

Welcome to Dental Temps! In 1997 our company was founded by a Dental Hygienist who saw the need for more options in employment. We understand the importance of flexibility, the benefit of knowing that extra bit of information before you walk into the interview, and the satisfaction of finding an office that fits just right. Our goal is to provide first class service to both our Clients and Applicants. We strive to match the priorities of the dental office to the priorities of you - the dental professional.

At Dental Temps we understand that our company is only as strong as the applicants who represent us, and we treat them how we want to be treated; with honesty, integrity, and respect. Clients can count on us to deliver qualified staff and trust that we will strive to meet their unique needs in finding the right fit for each individual practice.

Dental Temps is a placement agency which targets dental professions. We specialize in temporary and permanent placement of Dentists, Hygienists, Assistants, Office Managers, Receptionists and Bookkeepers. We exclusively focus on dental trades and make every effort to find the right employment match. Dental Temps helps to simplify the task of finding employment (for qualified candidates). Whether you are just looking to pick up a day for some extra cash, or seeking permanent employment, Dental Temps can help.